Make This Year Count: Reach Your Goals and Get the Results You Deserve!

Discover productivity-focused Goal Re-Setting Workbook ‘RESET YOUR YEAR’.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, coaches and boss ladies looking to plan their year ahead (or re-do their goals for the remainder of this year!

Are you feeling overwhelmed when thinking about your 2023 goals?

Do you feel like you have tried and failed to meet your goals in the past? Maybe you are struggling to stick to your current plans, or your goals are already feeling out of sync with what you truly want?


If so, it’s time to Reset Your Year….

Introducing: Reset Your Year – A workbook to help you reach your goals.

This workbook is specifically designed for women who are losing momentum on their 2023 goals. It provides step-by-step guidance on how to identify your intentions, values and visions, as well as how to break through any blocks that may be holding you back.


What makes this workbook special is it is more than a to do list. It is created with you first and your goals 2nd. You first create a vision of the life you want to have and you then make goals to support that life. The workbook is designed for 12 week sprints to help you focus on achieving 3-4 goals within 12 weeks. This helps to keep you motivated and on track with your progress!

Not Your Average Planner…

Reset Your Year  workbook gives you an all-in-one approach to tackling your goals for 2023!

This year transforming workbook will help you:
  • Craft your 2023 Intention and set your personal Values for the year with helpful prompts and exercises to guide you.
  • Uncover any potential blocks or obstacles that could keep you from achieving success this year through self-reflection activities.
  • Create achievable goals and a plan to bring them to life by leveraging the Weekly Goal Planner included in the workbook.
  • Check in regularly with yourself to ensure progress is being made towards each goal.
  • Review your progress throughout the year, celebrate successes and adjust as necessary using the Review Your Progress section at the end of the workbook.

Discover the power of ‘Reset Your Year’ Workbook and start creating your own success story!

This workbook is currently available as a “Name Your Price” product, with suggested pricing at $17 USD.

Start resetting your year today!!

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