What is #RelationshipReset?


#RelationshipReset is a course that helps individuals and couples shift your relationship mindset, avoid relationship pitfalls, and open yourself up to enjoy current and/or future partners. Here are some topics addressed.

Relationship Mindset

Understand and challenge your relationships beliefs and from where they derive.

Relationship Pitfalls

Identify common issues that end relationships and when to expect them.

Relationship Cycles

Practice breaking communication cycles to stop the escalation of small issues.

Relationship Triggers

Everyone has sensitivities. Learn your triggers and how to manage your emotional reactions.

Relationship Expectations

Understand how your relationship expectations lead to disappointment.

Relationship Goals

Learn how to be a healthy communicator to discuss difficult topics like finances and sex.

What Will You Learn?

In the course you will make your way through 4 modules covering a plethora of topics. Take some time to watch the introductions to each of the modules.

Eboni Harris, MA, LPC, LMFT 


Licensed Professional Counseling and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
Relationship therapist  for over 10 years educating couples via premarital counseling, classes, and marriage/relationship counseling within my private practice
Founder and Host of Room for Relations: Sex and Relationship Podcast, Co-founder of Melanin & Mental Health, Co-host of Between Sessions Podcast.
Featured across several publications such as Bustle,, Medical Daily, Latina, and many others as a relationship and sex expert
Speaker on topics wide range of topics including: mental health in the black community, keys to healthy communication and a great sex life, and the importance of building business relationships with women.


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