Therapy Intensives

Individual therapy sessions to get to the root of issues and start the healing process. 6 months worth of therapy in one intensive therapy session.

Reasons for Intensive Therapy

Address Issue Quickly

Fully Process in One Session

Start Healing Process

Go Right Into Deep Work

Less Time Consuming

Clear Steps to Healing

About Intensive Therapy

Often clients who have been in therapy on and off throughout their lives see the benefits but feel like it take s a while to get to the root of issues via the normal weekly sessions. This can be for several reasons including the need to process current life events, new issues that take precedence over childhood wounds, and the fact that 50 minutes just isn’t enough to time to enter and stay in the deep space required to address and really heal issues.

Intensives offer a solution for all of these issues. You won’t have to wait 40 minutes to get into the deep work just for the time to run out as you are having your “aha moment.”

Intensives are 2-3 hours of deep work, where you will explore in depth your struggles and challenges that could generally take weeks, or months in the traditional style of therapy. The entire session focuses only on addressing 1 or 2 issues so you can go through the full process of identifying the issue, understanding the history, and what is needed to start (and complete) the healing process.

After the intensive, you receive a complimentary chakra healing to balance your energy centers that may have been impacted by doing such intense emotional work. 

What is Included?

90 Minute Session with Eboni

This is an intake session to identify appropriate issues to address in the intensive. There will also be assessments and related background work to ensure the time during the intensive focused on getting to the deep work of healing the issues immediately.

 2-3 Hour of Intensive Therapy

The session focuses on getting you into the best space to address and heal ongoing issues. Using a mix of deep relaxation, parts work, and self- healing, you will have a clear process to address, work through, and heal unresolved emotional injuries.

30 Day Plan to Maintain Healing

While a big part of the work is done in the intensive session, it is important to maintain your progress during the days following the sessions. You will be given a clear plan to maintain your healing and not re-injure yourself.

Intensive Workbook

You will receive a workbook that accompanies the plan developed for your healing maintenance. This will include journal prompts, guided meditations, and how to address other issues with the same process.

Complimentary Chakra Healing

Doing the deep work needed to heal from an issue in one session is draining and can greatly impact your energy levels. Once you have completed your intensive, you will receive a 50 min Chakra Healing to balance your energy levels.

Optional Follow-Up Session

Sometimes clients struggle to keep up with the post session

homework and need a little support to keep them on track. Eboni

offers an optional 30 min follow-up session to help clients with this

part of the process. 

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