How to Attract a Woman

There is no magic answer on how to get women to be attracted to you. All women are different and may want different things in a partner. But, there are some ways that you can control how you put yourself out there to enhance the likelihood of a woman being attracted to you.

Physical Attraction is Not Everything.A big part of people finding you attractive begins with your belief system.

A big part of people finding you attractive starts with your belief system. To attract a woman, you would need to have confidence in yourself. What is important to understand is that sometimes our own beliefs and our own mindset can dictate how others see us and interact with us. If your mindset isn’t changed first, it will stop you from attracting women before you can even start.

Invest in yourself so that you can like and love yourself and that will come across when you interact with other people

 5 Tips to be Attractive to Others

  • Shift your mindset around attraction

    Everyone will not be attracted to you and that is okay. Oftentimes, the reason why we struggle is that the people that we are attracted to don’t really match who is attracted to us. The goal should be to find a mutual attraction, not to get every person around you to find you attractive.

  • Invest in yourself

    You should prioritize your emotional, mental and physical health before making any external effort to increase attractiveness. It’s simple: you need to like yourself and who you are as a person first. Without investing in your overall well-being first, the weight of your insecurities may cause them to lose interest in you even if they initially were attracted to you.

  • What makes you interesting?

    If you want people to be interested, be interesting. Having hobbies not only works as a form of self-care, it also gives you a great baseline for connecting with other people. Keep in mind, I am not suggesting that you force or fake interest in hobbies that are considered “cool”. You should dig into the things that you truly enjoy, and then find like-minded people. For example: if you are interested in anime, find people that are also interested in anime. You will then have an immediate opportunity to establish a connection thanks to your shared interest.

  • Learn the art of having a conversation

    This often seems like a simple one, but holding a conversation is a much more intricate skill than we realize. It’s important to make people feel comfortable when talking to you and to keep people engaged to keep the conversation going. Some great ways to become a natural conversationalist are therapy, taking improv classes, and doing a toastmaster class.

  • Lower your expectations

    This doesn’t mean to lower your expectations of a partner, I’m referring to your expectations of the outcomes of your interactions. Oftentimes, when we build up the courage to start a conversation with someone, and if it doesn’t end in the way we expected it to, we feel as if the conversation was a waste and it was all for nothing. It is best to value your interactions without expectations. Sometimes it’s nice to just meet new people and interact with them.

Eboni Harris is a Black relationship therapist based in Houston, Texas. She loves helping couples and individuals get the love they desire.



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